Adulting 101

Learning isn't just about books and classes!

Take a look at any of these short tutorials by Adult Learning staff or guests! 

How to make a simple Bone Broth

So healthy and delicious! 

Freeze any vegetable peelings and cuttings in a resealable bag and add it to this broth to make it even better!

Onion Chopping Made Easy

Here I share a trick taught to me by a Chef friend of mine.

(I was in my 30's before I learned this!)

Poor Man's Dinner

Simple ingredients, fully customizable, and filling!

A recipe that came straight out of the great depression.

Kidney Bean Burgers

Do you have a bag of dried kidney beans and don't know what to do with them?

This is an easy, economical and delicious recipe to try!

I served them just like a regular burger.


  • I used my hands to squish the beans and finished up with a fork.

  • Get inventive with flavours.  Use spices and herbs YOU like and even add them to the soaking or cooking water.

  • Allowing the mixture to sit refrigerated for a while helps the patties hold together well.

  • Smaller patties are easier to handle.

  • Make sure the oil in your pan is hot and cook the patties until they have browned with a crispy crust.

Did you like the videos? Leave us a comment on how your own meals went. Or what tutorial you want to see next!